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Fairy Gardens of  P.E.I.

Mini Fairy Garden Event

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You are a guest visiting the Island and you can't make it to our Garden Party. You can register for a Mini Fairy Garden Event while you are on the Island. Please send me the following information so I can check availability.

Contact Information

Requested Date between Mon-Fri 11am to 6pm


# of People Fill in for each guest attending, cost $5 each. Please be sure of spelling as we might be naming items.

  1. Name   Age
  2. Name   Age
  3. Name   Age
  4. Name   Age
  5. Name   Age
  6. Name   Age

Please Check

I agree that child(ren) I resister will be accompanied by an adult (no drop-offs).
I understand that availability is limited and I will only be reserved once confirmation # has been issued.
I understand that this is a family event and is focused on imaginations. My guidelines are to provide guidance to the no touching rule of the fairy gardens, staying on the pathways.
I understand I am to pay in cash upon arrival of the event. My CC # is to reserve our spot.

Payment Information

Please note Credit Card is only used in the event of no-show. (plus processing fee).
Cash Payment due upon arrival to save processing fee ($1/per child).
card number (visa/mc)  

expiry month/year         /

name on card                

Signature_____________________________________________(used when paying in person)  
(office use Confirmation __________)

Make sure email address is correct. Expect to get a confirmation number when your child/ren are registered.

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