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Fairy Gardens of  P.E.I.

Fairy Garden Party Registration

August 20 - check Facebook Events for more details

Adult Information


Child Attendance Information

Number of children Fill in for each child attending, cost $15 per child. Please be sure of spelling as we are naming items.

  1. Name   Age
  2. Name   Age
  3. Name   Age

Please Check

I agree that child(ren) I resister will be accompanied by an adult (no drop-offs).
I give my permission that photos taken the day of the event may be used in future online/print for promotional/web/social media and includes permission for myself & the others listed on this form.
I understand that seating is limited and I will only be reserved once confirmation # has been issued.
I understand that the event is focused on children & their imaginations. My guidelines are to provide guidance to the no touching rule of the fairy gardens, staying on the pathways.
I understand I am to pay in cash upon arrival of the event. My CC # is to reserve our spot.
I agree that by me submitting this form electronically it serves as my signature.

Payment Information

Please note Credit Card is only used in the event of no-show. (plus processing fee).
Cash Payment due upon arrival to save processing fee ($1/per child).
card number (visa/mc)  

expiry month/year         /

name on card                

Signature_____________________________________________(used when paying in person)  
(office use Confirmation __________)

Make sure email address is correct. Expect to get a confirmation number when your child/ren are registered.

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