I just can’t see myself throwing away something useful especially if I can recycle, reuse or redo it.

I took the milk cartons we used over Christmas and washed them and turned them on their sides and opened them up to make boxes.  I then took my product bags that were scrambled, unorganized and unsized and labelled them all and put them into the milk cartons.  It isn’t pretty but it is useful and I found a use for reuse.

You can see the milk cartons turned on their side and cut the opening in them.

I put finished product into milk carton bottoms dividers just to sort things better.  Someone special built me a drawer and an insert so I had loads of milk “makes sense” bottom cartons to do with I please.  Note to self you should have tossed them.

So without ado this is my product divider.

Then I took the individual cartons and made a sock and britches divider.

My britches don’t fit into the carton very well, I have big britches.

Now my britches and nylons are organized in my drawer.

Back to scrapbooking, I’m working on an paper ANNE dolls.



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