The Best of PEI Collage - Trails of Hats'n Hospitalitea
beach walk
Red cliffs
Clay roads of PEI leading to a lighthouse
The sun sets off the North Shore

4 Responses to “ The Best of PEI Collage ”

  1. Jennifer says:

    OH mom how I wish we could go to the beach tonight beach comb and watch a sunset, Makayla is in aw very morning watching what she calls a “sunset” (sunrise), I told her she is in for a real treat when she sees all the beautiful reds, oranges, and purples and pinks!

  2. June says:

    How is your daughter?

    • Cindy says:

      Thanks for asking June, she is still with a chest cold but potato harvesting started and she was out there working just as hare as the other 4 guys I hear. A horseshoe came up top the harvester and she almost threw it off until she noticed what it was. Years of clay attached to it, nevertheless it should bring her some luck.

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