A Quiet Christmas Tea Joined by One Wise Men



Balthasa is the only one of our nativity set we have found this year.  I truly love having a nativity set in the home so I can teach the grandchildren and show them Bible stories at this time of year.


I’m glad you made it, I’m also glad I took out the shovels and did the walkway or you might not have been able to tackle the snow drifts.

I hear there is more snow on the way, Boston is having a hard time as we speak.

Stamp the snow off your boots and come in from the cold.

I have the tea on and a place set just for you.



My mother in-law hand embroidered this checkered table cloth and it just matches with everything on my table today.

The tea isn’t ready yet so lets have a peek at this weeks surprises. 


 I just love the glow of this warm candle, don’t you.  I received this from a dear friend this past week a lovely drop in gift.


This is an old crystal snowflake candle holder gifted to me from another tea lover, most days it sits on the window ledge of the tea room but today I put a candle in it just for you.

 It sure is chilly in here, I’ll put another stick on the fire.


There that stick will catch soon and the fire will be burning and warm.



 You noticed, I have another new tea cup! This is a Christmas cup with candles lit on the side.  At this time of year I seem to be burning a lot of candles, I just love the way candles warms a room.



I love these stacking santas, they are hand painted and were a gift from an Aunt in 1979 when I had my first Christmas away from home. The grandchildren play with them every time they visit.  They went through my 3 children, my 2 nephews and what 6 grand-babies now.


Would you prefer my tea cup?

Debbie stopped in and dropped this lovely gift bag full of goodies on her way to the airport today. She is catching a flight to England and I sure hope she has a wonderful time away visiting her daughter, what fun.


Debbie also had a few other treats in the Christmas bag that I got to open early and one was this mug, isn’t the deer cute looking behind and on the other side it has the words NOEL. Underneath is a Christmas decorative drip cloth to put beside my sink.  Oh and a lovely apple scented candle.  Where is that candle hiding.


There it is  tucked in behind the candy cane dish.

I hear the kettle boiling.  We are having loose leaf tea today, apple spice.

Very nice tea to have on a chilly day like today.

I have one little bit of old Christmas I’d like to share


When the children were young I didn’t like them walking to the table with snacks on my Christmas china so I often had tin plates for them to have their snacks on.  Just for the memory I’ll serve you a few shortbread that Victoria baked this week and dropped off.  She got to use her new cookie press and I took out my hand held silver tin one and showed her a manual cookie press from days gone by… she said she made about 180 shortbread in no time with her press. 


Have a scotch shortbread or two. I plan to share the recipe with you during Home this week.  It is one out of the old five rose cook book mom used to use all the time.

 I’m going to have a cup of coffee in my new mug.

Happy Noel


And a couple of surprises!


I’m excited that you stopped by to share in my quiet Christmas Tea today.

Today I’m heading over to visit Sandi as she hosts a Sugar Plum Fairy Tea.

Time sure if flying,

December is almost gone and next week already it will be Christmas

Wrapping paper and ribbon… got to get to town tomorrow before the crowd.

 Christmas Eve our family gets together for a tradition, meat pie….I can hardly wait. 


Enjoy your week,


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