Fresh Cranberries are a delight to bake with, they are festive and plentiful at this time of year. I like to buy local, and lucky for us local on Prince Edward Island means we have 15 cranberry growers. Buying local as much as possible, cranberries just taste better when you can buy them at home and cook with them the same day. 



Cut Cranberries



Cranberry & almond scone




Invite friends for tea and serve scones




Awesome having Guests in the Bed and Breakfast at this time of year and impressing them with these colourful beauties in the morning.  “These are delicious, do you have the recipe?”

 I blogged the recipe at Grandmas Tea Room



Slowly I’m starting to change the colour scheme around the house from Orange Pumpkin to Red Cranberry.  It is hard making the transition because I’m not a fan of the cold and I truly love Fall colours.  The time has come, I put up my Christmas Tree for starters.




Happy December 1st, over the next 25 days or so I’ll be decorating, come back and enjoy an Island Christmas.

xoxo Cindy






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