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Just a quick hello and to say we have closed the Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room

The RV is loaded and rolling across Canada seeking adventures and blogging along the way at 2fromaway.ca

I’ve had to put a number captcha from the spam I’ve received lately.


Next visit,

Wee Willy,

bye for now,


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October 27th – Wednesday and Day 9.  I could so become a Hampton Beach Girl.  We started the day in the Hapton Beach area then moved back onto Rye Beach and although we were skunked we took some great pictures.

I had to stop by The Plum for another Coffee flavoured Ice Cream.

Then our travels ventured Highway 1 ti Ipswich onto Rockport Park – scooched by Boston and after two tunnels arrived at 8pm.

A short stop along the venture returned some awesome Halloween shots, hope you enjoy.

Rockport is definitely an inspiring quaint village filled with small shops the are eye candy. No movie tonight we are tired.

So Day 9 comes to a close. With every day ending it brings us that much closer to seeing Jennifer and the girls, oh and you too Jay.



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