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I learned something this past week from an amazing women. With these hands she taught me how to crochet drip catchers for our tea pots in Grandma’s TEA Room.  

With these hands!

the hands of time

We made these

These are purple and red drip catchers

 Red and Purple tea pot drip catchers for the Red Hatters

drip catchers for tea pots

This past short trip took us to Ottawa to see some amazing people in our lives, Guy’s parents, my dad, my grandfather who is 101 and was the lock master at Hartwell locks. I visited and beaded with my first cousin for a day and Scrapbooked with my sister-in-law for a day.  The visit was short but it was packed full of fun.

While I was there I took up a collection from Canadian Tire….more to come on my next blog post about reuse/recycle/restore.

See you then!




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Perhaps today is a good day to clean a little,

maybe do some baking.

Or I could read a gardening magazine or two.

Well what ever the day brings I hope it is nice to you.
xo, cindy

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