For the past 93 days our house has been on Wheels

We are RV living and my space has been limited.  

Grumpa says, “Stop buying stuff and you’ll have more room.” 

I think we should have bought a larger RV when we had the chance, I mean have you seen some of these models they have on the market these days?  Years ago we had it made, I was young, dad and mom would travel and the cost of hotels were not in our budget. Dad was resourcefulness he purchased an old Econoline  Van, revamped it for modern living with a stove, ice box, two seats and a table that dropped down to a small bed at night and my brother and I slept on the floor with our sleeping bags.  We went everywhere in that Econoline Van and thought we were the cats meow.  

I’ve been getting a lot of mail messages with many questions lately, so here is the answer

Our Kitchen table and Computer desk

Our microwave doubles as our baking space

Below the microwave is the stove and oven

Beside this is our modern facilities, like indoor plumbing

Above, our flush toilet and sink, below our shower

Then behind the shower is our closet

What a mess, lets not go there.

In the front the drivers seat and my work table

I’m building on product while on the road and these little pendants are the tree of life and I’ve added a round bead to represent a moon, what do you think?

I almost forgot about our fridge and sink

Cupboards both sides top and bottom

 And that’s about it, small, nothing fancy but it has all the conviences at your fingertips. Oh and a DVR that has a movie about to start

Bye for now…

xoxo, Cindy

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