Oh here we are at day 8 Tuesday Oct, 26 already.

An adventurous day we spent meeting new people, stopping at great beaches, seeing some lovely countryside.

The ground we covered was from Portsmouth to the Hampton’s, oh the Hampton houses are something to see, remember I’m the house hunter in the family.  Come have a look.

We eat like Kings with Master Braxton at the head of the Knight's Table

view over breakfast in the morning, cooking in the park

This is a morning view looking at the light-keepers house on an Island

My Picasso Guy

Home's along the Portsmouth area

They have high decks for looking over the break waters

Remind me of a Cinderella castle I had as a little girl, different scale

Just with a touch of class

Sea glass picked on beaches in Portsmouth small but lots of quality 30/ph

8 different colours and only 8 at one beach

We stopped for ice cream at the North end of Hampton's Beaches "The Plum" oh this is Master Braxton's doggy flavoured ice cream no kidding.

So this bring us to the Hampton Beaches, we will spend the night and return in the early morning for the low tide and see what we find.

I hope you enjoyed our day 8.  Day 9 we have surprises on Hampton Beach and Rye Beach.



….news today 29th snow in mountain town in Utah 2 feet, wow happy before Halloween.

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