M’J is taking in the last few days of the heat of the sun, enjoying watching me as I string my gladiola bulbs one by one on a rope clothes line to dry.  I’ll then cut the stems off and put the bulbs up for the Winter months in a dark cool place where they will be kept dry and safe until I can plant them again in the Spring.  Oh the mention of Spring sounds lovely especially when it has been a cold rainy day and this is the first day we had to make a fire in the fireplace.



I’m sharing pictures I took last week when I started to get the gardens tucked away for the Winter. The bulbs are large and healthy.  They had tons of mini bulbs growing off them and I separated them and they are tucked away in egg cartons for the Winter. 



Putting the garden to rest for the Winter involves a great deal of work, time and another pair of hands.  I’m lucky to have a French Gardener, he is quick to respond with a tall glass of lemonade when I”ve been spending wee little hours in the garden then he will take over just about the right time for me to nap on the back porch swing.

If you have been following Grandma’s Tea Room on Facebook  or my blog, you would have noticed I’ve been making Fairy Mini Gardens for the Tea Room gardens next year.  I try and do something different each year and so far I’m having a ton of fun.

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.” – Rudyard Kipling



Darkness has fallen and the solar dragonfly lights have lit the back pond, quiet time again.





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