It was about five years ago I stopped staying up late at night watching the countdown on television and making that all time New Year’s Resolutions that you (I) never stick to past the first week.   Imagine that, I would make one resolution and not be able to stick to it and today I’m prepared to make 5 for the new year and see how I do.

Skip over to see Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and join in her FFF as she has so helped us  express ourselves for what we are blessed.

Friday’s favourite five #26

1. The couch. Between the hours of 9pm and 11pm the right hand side of the couch is my favourite spot.  My New Year’s Resolution #1 is to get up on every commercial and walk to the kitchen and back once without anything in my hand.

2. The Pill. As hard as it has been for me to admit to a low dose of estrogen and the fact that everyone around me has become cranky… I will continue to take it because it seems to me everyone is less cranky when I do.

3. Exercise. My intentions on this will never change so my resolution to not exercise more than I have been should suffice.

4. Chocolate. Boy this one is going to be hard as I never enjoyed the indulgence of chocolate as much as I have in the past week and I don’t think I have ever gotten that much either… Here goes, now that it is all gone, I intend to eat way less chocolate and go back to my diabetic diet.

5. Growing older. Now that another year is approaching I’m convinced that growing older is the thing to do so I will continue to use beauty in a box (hair colour) however I will gracefully grow older and stop scotch taping my wrinkled face to the back of my ears.

I leave you with this glistening snow shot this morning.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting, I enjoy reading your comments as they give me a kick start to yet another day.



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