If your waiting for word the best way to keep your sanity is to shop

I happened into a little what I thought was a little house with antiques.  The house was massive and with a back door leading into an English Style Garden, I’m in my ultimate. Our last day of visiting St. Augustine Florida and I spent it shopping.  

Amazing condition is this  shell clutch that is a Walbarg and had a whopping $45 that I managed $37 


Another shop just across the street packed with memories and I came across this good find

Now I had to pinch myself to purchase this one, after all who in their right mind would pay $12 for a cookie cutter. It isn’t just a cookie cutter it is a doughnut cutter first.  I make ginger snaps by the dozens in the tea room and this is a rolling cookie cutter for me, great find.


This fancy item is neither antique nor useful at that, but I just had to have it at a $20 find. I’m thinking I’ll put it to use stashing my beads, or made up jewellery while on the road. It will make a nice case to carry around, if only I did that, and had nothing in it at all.  It comes with its own key for locking

What do you think? Fun, absolutely!


I found a Bead Shop and picked up some amazing finds – Fun


Tomorrow I’ll try and post a blog on Typhoon Lagoon. A water park that The French Gardener and I had the privileged to walk about and snap pictures at all these ducks playing about.  I’m rather in a snit today as the sun shone through my bonnet and left behind a memory so ta ta, tomorrow is another day

So this was just a wee little bit of a blog post for today


We are at the moment in Kissimee Florida, waiting word as to weather or not Jennifer has gone into the hospital to have the baby, I hope I hear soon

xoxox, Cindy



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