Welcome aboard the Island, sit back, tighten your buckle, pull out a pencil for note taking, make a few adjustments – while we fill you in on some travel information that you should know before you go to Prince Edward Island.

The Bridge: Toll to leave
The longest bridge over freezing waters. Crossing time approximately 15 minutes, it is 12.9 km long, 9 years in the making, cost of 1 billion dollars, opened July, 1997. The Confederation Bridge known to locals as “The Straight”, “The Link”, or “The Fixed Link.” Either way you can jump on the bridge to Prince Edward Island and it is a toll bridge collected only when you leave the Island, I believe the cost this year is $42.00 a little less than the Ferry. FYI the bridge is green…vehicles using the Confederation Bridge use 1/10 of the fuel that a Ferry would.

The Red Soil: FYI
Plenty of it, and it is red from all the iron deposits in the ground.

cavendish beach

Walking the Green Gables Shore

The Gulf Shore Parkway: Additional Cost
Runs through Cavendish National Park as well as Brackley Beach area. You will notice a toll booth set up to collect fees operating from June 18 to Sept 6. The cost is $7.80 per adult, or $19.60 for a family up to 7 people with a maximum of 2 adults. You can cut these costs if you are only going to catch as sunset because the toll booth is only open from 10am to 6pm. Or pull out your map and find an alternative road that might take you close to the beach and you can walk the distance.

Sunday Shopping: Don’t head out early.
We never had Sunday shopping however we do now. Just for the short tourism season we open the stores on Sunday, however don’t be the early bird as most stores don’t open until 12 noon. In the Spring you won’t find Sunday shopping.

The Island at large: Don’t be fooled by the size of our map.
The Island is 224km long from tip to tip and from 6 to 64km wide. From the bridge to Cavendish Beach it is about a 50 minute drive.

Cows Ice Cream

Cows: Not the four legged ones the cone type.
In 2006 Reader’s Digest voted Cows Ice Cream the best in Canada. It is homemade first started at the Cavendish Boardwalk in 1983. They use 16% butterfat, most only have 10%. They started with vanilla and now have 32+ flavours. There are 7 Island locations to get your cows ice cream and it will taste the same at every location, made here in PEI.

The Confederation Trail: It is free to travel.
However it never use to be free as it was the tip to tip rail way here on PEI. The Trail is 470 km and on December 31, 1989 marked the end of the railway and the beginning of the “Rails to Trails Project.” The Province will issue you a ribbon either at the East Point Lighthouse or the North Cape Interpret Centre. When you go to the other location (tip to tip 273km) you can exchange your ribbon for a certificate. The maps read surfaced trail, that means stone dust not pavement and not always packed, may be soft in some areas as well in rainy weather. Not many services along the trail and plenty of nature and mosquitoes. The trail guide will indicate where to locate lodging, food and snacks.

Go sharpen your pencil for the next round of notes. I may have to do this in a 10 part series. We have guests in our Bed and Breakfast over the next couple of nights and they are having a hard time finding places open, that is our next subject.

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