A trip out with the girls and I’m feeling like a teenager again.  Victoria our daughter is getting married on Saturday and well she had me come out for nails yesterday.  “Nails” what do I need my nails done for?  And, “If I made it to 51 years old and never had my nails done, do you think I need to start?”  Yes, was her answer.

It was getting close to me sitting in the chair and I chickened out at the last minute.  Vic turns to me and says, “get in the chair, you are getting your nails done!”  Wow, I think she is getting a little cocky, but never has she spoken to me like that before so I move fast and get into the chair, while I’m thinking $%^&*( little brat ).  We keep looking across at each other and with wonder I beat she thinks I’ll get up and excuse myself any minute.  I have to say, it was painful having someone hold and touch my hand for that length of time but I did it for Victoria, she wanted me to have my nails done and when the guy said, “ok, go wash your hands in the sink” I ran.  

So here they are



He did an excellent job, they feel great.



I wanted a few sprigs of wheat painted on them,

because the corsages I made are wheat and paper flowers



And the nails match my courage, that match my dress that match my shoes and then Vic took me out and we picked out jewellery to match.  I think she doesn’t want me wearing my seaglass necklace, that is ok after all it is her wedding.  She picked me out some beautiful jewellery.  Next she thinks she is taking me to get make-up done, ah ya… I’d not signed up for this.

My seaglass necklace

 sea glass necklace

 Well If I’m not wearing it for the wedding it will be on Etsy next week.

It was fun but I have to run and get breakfast for our guests, Ill be back with the haircut next, don’t know about the make-up thing, lol.  Oh, and I feel so much like booking my next nail appointment, yes I think I will.

xo Cindy



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