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The first few days before arriving at Occupy Sandy.

With great intentions of making it to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, we left Prince Edward Island on what was to become an adventure. One that would involve a seaglassing hunt along the way but not stopping for too long. We had been listening to the news and the gas line-ups were telling us that perhaps we weren’t going to make it into the affected area and we held back a week before leaving from our original date. We were also wondering about the amount of help and volunteers that were needed, we hadn’t been hearing much on the news anymore and so our concerns were, “do they need us or not?”

We were two days packing my scrapbooking and wire wrapping supplies and another two days packing food, clothing, and anything else we might need along the way. After all, it is only the second week of November and we plan to stay with Jennifer until after she has the baby in Feburary. We did manage to get it all packed in tight and I had to repack a few things in the cupboards but for the most part the French Gardener was able to take control of most of the lifting and bending. I wasn’t sure all my craft supplies would fit but they did, yup ahuh. Ready to roll.

I did manage a blog post on the road but that was two or so weeks ago and I can’t remember what it was about. Forgive me, but I don’t have any internet on the road so I’ll write and post this later. Oh btw, I’m writing sitting in the back of a swaying this way and that way camper so if you happen to see a few letters of the alphabet that don’t belong, just ride along with me on this one, as the roads in the US are not as good as some I’ve travelled in Canada.

We drove to Eastport the first day and as I remember correctly we did a day of beachcombing there. As well we paid a visit to my favourite mustard shop and picked up a year’s supply of one of my favourites Sweet Maple Mustard.

We crawled into our bunks and put on a dvd player and watched a movie that I only saw the first 10 minutes of with my head and neck kinked. Then woke up to put on my mask and go back to sleep. I’m in the top bunk and once you pull down the lader and climb up you have a king size bed but space for rolling back and forth is limited, I can’t imagine working up a sneeze and hitting my head on the roof of the camper as I could dent it. Ok dearies lets move onto yet another favourite.

Massachussets has a beach that we always stop at on the way to Jennifer’s and it is Falmouth Beach. The seaglass has always been a good find, not many but the pieces are good quality. This time it was windy, the white caps were making soapy foam along the shore and each time the wind blew the foam would chase you as you walked the beach. Cold, yup we got it first hand and fast. A few told us it was a tail end of another Hurricane that had come up the coast. We decided not to stay and to move on.



We stopped in Connecticut to fill up with with gas and walk the dogs again and give our legs a little stretch. We were on a mission and now that we were sure we could get gas we knew we could head into the affected areas. New York, is such a breath taking city. I got a glimpse of the statue of Liberty, only a glimpse no picture. While on the bridge I got a couple of shots, it has been so long since I”ve seen tall buildings, no kidding. In Prince Edward Island contractors are not allowed to build anything in Charlottetown higher than the steeple of St. Dunstan’s Basilica. In a way I think it is a good thing as it keeps our little Island exactly what people look for in something unique.


Then we arrived at Occupy Sandy on Staten Island.  Join me tomorrow as I talk about the next few days of Occupy Sandy.

Thank you for stopping bye folks, y’all come back now ya here! 

On the road, Cindy


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I looked at devastation on the faces of people we went door to door checking on yesterday. Some smiled and welcomed us in to have a look, while others are so overwhelmed with despair that word don’t come to them easy.  We are set up at the bottom of a street on Staten Island where cars piled 9 blocks away and houses have collapsed and shifted off their foundations. Red stickers mark most of the house warnings of no entrance allowed.  I talked to many who waited out the storm only because one loved one said they weren’t going to leave their homes and some were found in attacks with their cats and dogs when the water kept raising so high they had no choice. 

Fema is set up 2 blocks away with the Red Cross close by. We happened onto The Occupy Wall Street Folks who are calling themselves “The Occupy Sandy” The low riders motorcycle club are our right hand with the organization and team put together to help out those in need. Donations are pouring in, trucks stop in front of us and guys walk to the back of the trucks and unload all the necessities needed for this largely affected area. Throughout the day service vehicles drive the streets while on-lookers start to come by with cameras clicking in disbelief. All night last night police patrolled and chased looters away from unattended houses damaged by Hurricane Storm Sandy. Electricity is getting back to a few of the houses but they are still not liveable. Cleanup crews in great numbers go from one house to another emptying home after home of every last personal possession onto the streets for the sanitation trucks to pick up. After a house is emptied, the crew goes in and removes all the tile, wood floor, rugs, and floor down to the joist. The walls are not left untouched as they are striped of drywall, or any paneling they once had.  Most houses have a water line of 6 feet high in the homes, leaving only 2 feet of wall untouched to meet the ceilings. 



Last night around an open fire pit each other was asking where the other volunteers came from.  We had to explain where Prince Edward Island was, but most had heard of Canada and where astounded we had come that far to help out.  After they found out we had a restaurant it was the only thing to do but to put us into the kitchen tent serving the food to all. The tent filled with those affected by Hurricane Sandy this morning coming for coffee or something to eat, all grateful, blessing us and saying, “your the ones from Canada Ah?”

God Bless

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