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These days I’m spending in the shop building product that is not so hard and one that I can clean up in a hurry if need to.
This PEI tag I added shows off a piece of sea glass, just in case you didn’t find any when you were visiting.

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Potato harvesting has started on PEI and so that means my potato daughter is on top of the harvester.  I never saw a girl like to get so dirty.  Anyway, I have  my grand-daughter here for 5 weeks while harvest is going on.  I swear she came home for lunch yesterday and sat down and I swept a cup of sand off the floor that had fallen off her overalls.

Got to love girls,

xo, cindy

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You know you want to, so if you’re going to, please remember to re-wrap, re-card and remember who you re-gifted to.

cow salt and pepper shakers

I came up with a few reasons to re-gift but thinking only about what attracted you here I might have only three reasons you stopped by.
*1* Maybe you think re-gifting is so not cool, but you are hoping to get rid of some gifts you are embarrassed to say you don’t like.
*2* You are the queen of re-gifting like my friend Charlene, but need a few new spins on the old record to re-energize your efforts.
*3* This is a totally new concept to you and you want to know more about it.

With the holidays around the corner and the economy the way it has been perhaps this might be a new trait to learn. Don’t be embarrassed about re-gifting, it is something we do and let on we don’t.

Random gift cards. People buy gift cards because the picture on the front is colourful. You can re-gift gift cards but you had better go to the store and make sure of the money on the card. I mean what would be worse than receiving a gift card with $19.62 left on the card. I did some volunteer work one time and was given a gift card as a thank you. I went to use it, bought something I would normally not buy myself and guess what? There was no $$ amount on the gift card. This one was a mistake.

So at this point your asking yourself, “is it frugal or just down right cheap?” The difference between Frugal and Cheap is; Frugal is making your own gift wrapping paper while Cheap would be to re-gift someone without wrapping it up. Either way, the first step is to make sure to change the card before you re-gift.

How’s the re-gifting business doing after these steps…

OMG, please if you are going to re-gift don’t, don’t I can’t stress this enough. DON’T EVER re-gift something so lame as free CD’s marked “not for re-sale.” Already scratched scratch and win tickets. Soap, old soap gets a residue making it a dead giveaway. Fruitcake, regardless of what your grandmother says, “it doesn’t keep forever.” last but not least samples of perfume, or bath supplies. Oh I almost forgot, anything outdated, PLEASE DON’T re-gift software on a 5 1/4 floppy disk even if you think it is a good piece of software.

Don’t give me no hand-me-downs please, I have some already, as the Guess Who said. This is not a re-gift it is something already used not to be re-mixed up with re-gifting. That’s just not right, even I couldn’t do that. However I gifted my son a new shirt last night that I picked up at a garage sale. I was going to keep it for him for Christmas but decided that was just not right so I just gave it to him.

Gimme gimme never gets! Always keep track of who gave it to you in the first place. Have a bin full of gifts and write on them with sticky notes who you got them from so when it comes time for re-gifting the item you are worry free. I had an awful experience one year when my sister-in-law opened her gift and I could hear her say, “didn’t I get this last year?”

Check your re-gift before it goes out the door. You look in the mirror to make sure you don’t have a hair out of place why would you not check to see that the wine glasses you re-gifted don’t have a ring of wine in the bottom. And make sure all the pieces are there. I once got a re-gift of a stacking bowl set that never stacked just right because the giftee kept the most used size of bowl or it had been broken.

Modern day approach. So you got it yesterday and want to give it away tomorrow. The next common mistake in re-gifting would be to re-use the same wrapping paper, all torn, crinkled and old scotch tape still attached. Do you think someone will figure out that this is a re-gift? Duh. You want to try and make it look like it might be new.

Never say why! After all you are giving this as a gift, why would you spoil the fun by saying something like, “You’ll like this, but I have no use for it so I’m giving it to you.” So you just told the person you are giving them something you wouldn’t be caught dead using but here its yours. Be kind and rewind your words.

Yes, its ok for your re-gifts to be funny. I have two aunts who live far apart from each other and have a stuffed animal that they dress in fashionable clothing and mail to each other each year. It keeps them young, and keeps them from giving each other something they will only otherwise have to re-gift to another. So ya, funny re-gifts are on the top of Santa’s list.

Well that wraps it up for another post. I guess you and I have some re-wrapping to get to so I wouldn’t keep you much longer.

cow salt and pepper shakersSo I can’t re-gift these cute salt and pepper shakers according to my own rules… and if anyone is interested in a free gift I’ll be giving these away. I tried already to give them away to my daughter Vicki who lives on a dairy farm with lots of cows but she didn’t find the need to put them on her table.

Thank you friends for stopping by and learning about the art of re-gifting. xo cindy

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