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I just can’t see myself throwing away something useful especially if I can recycle, reuse or redo it.

I took the milk cartons we used over Christmas and washed them and turned them on their sides and opened them up to make boxes.  I then took my product bags that were scrambled, unorganized and unsized and labelled them all and put them into the milk cartons.  It isn’t pretty but it is useful and I found a use for reuse.

You can see the milk cartons turned on their side and cut the opening in them.

I put finished product into milk carton bottoms dividers just to sort things better.  Someone special built me a drawer and an insert so I had loads of milk “makes sense” bottom cartons to do with I please.  Note to self you should have tossed them.

So without ado this is my product divider.

Then I took the individual cartons and made a sock and britches divider.

My britches don’t fit into the carton very well, I have big britches.

Now my britches and nylons are organized in my drawer.

Back to scrapbooking, I’m working on an paper ANNE dolls.



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Aw…. I be very lucky, that you been asking me that question a lot to me lately.  I have the answer and if you’d lend me an ear  I’ll be tell’en ya.

3 reasons, very simple, so Listen up Zeb.


I think it is because of a system.  Not just any system it is the metric and the imperial system.

The freezing point for Degrees Celsius is 0’C and the freezing point for Degrees Fahrenheit is 32°F.  In Canada our average summer is about 30°C however, most Americans only go by the Fahrenheit scale, so they think we mean 30°F, when really we’re meaning 30°C.  Now if Americans believe the average summer temperature in Canada is 30°F, which is below freezing, you get the big picture, ya, our igloos won’t melt.


Fact; each year thousands of Canadians chop a hole in the ice in different regions and take the polar bear plunge.  Repeating this year after year making this a famous event and it makes headlines and American news, naming it the polar bear swim.


My favourite, Ya’ll just like to poke fun at us cuz wees Canadian Ah!

It has been a slice but I have to get into my car igloo and get to work now.

This am a system has come up from the USA causing a beautiful blanket of snow everywhere. Thank you all.



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