Wednesday Nov 3, Day 16.

Manhattan – Wal Mart parking lot for the night and it was a nice morning so we cooked breakfast al la tail gate.

I’m sure I could hear the loud speaker from inside the Wal-Mart from the parking lot, “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers,we have customers in parking aisle 19 having breakfast with sour milk.”  It wasn’t sour but not far from the turning point.

We are heading for the beach.

We walked a long way on Long Island, no sea glass

Then we came onto this signed beach "unprotected beach" wow lots of glass

washed and plated here it is today's catch, look at the cobalt blue nugget

Here is a close up of it.

Cobalt blue nugget makes a skunk day special

In Manhattan you don’t draw on-lookers for living in your car.

Sitting here in traffic I notice that my whole life is in the dashboard of this truck, lense cleaner, eye drops, comb, magnifying glass, barrette, and a bottle of generic stool softeners. The glove box holds the second level of life’s most importances.

Fire Island is beautiful but no sea glass and I forgot to take a picture for you so I took one while we were leaving looking back. I know it is rather far away and so you will have to take my word that is is beautiful.

Looking back onto Fire Island

Where headed to Atlantic City, the Verrazzano Bridge wooow.  Here are some randoms of the day.

I hope you’re enjoying our road trip as much as I am.  Today it is rainy, most of the day I hear.

Oh well the first bad weather day in 17, can’t complain so does that mean it is a shopping day?

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