I’m thinking….???? hum, I don’t know how to turn it sideways, it was an accident.

But I know how to fix it now if it happens to you.

Here is how it happened. I purchased a tablet and can’t operate it.  So I was checking out how windows displayed my web site to compare it to how this tablet is displaying it, as well my google reader is messed up and I don’t like that.  So I put the tablet on top of my laptop on my lap and was comparing the two of them and

this is what happened.

Guy walks past and says, “that’s neat; how did you do that?” 

At first I didn’t want to admit it was an accident but then I had to because I needed help to fix it. Why does this stuff always happen to me?

He is the best! He went to Google and asked his buddy and if you hit ctrl / shift and one of the arrow keys it will go back, it did, phew!


Sometimes I think more with the left side of my brain, but this week it has been difficult to do anything right when it came to electronics, left or right. 

At first I looked at the screen and said, hum I can turn the tablet sideways and it will adjust the screen what just happened here.  Good job it is fixed, my neck was getting soar with my head turned to the left side.


Have a great week,



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