Most of Cavendish is full for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this year and the overflow will start to fill towards Charlottetown now. What most pfa don’t realize is that Charlottetown is only 30 to 40 minutes away from Cavendish.

tourist home vacancies


We did a vacancy search and there are 12 Bed and Breakfasts available in Green Gables Shore with 13 vacant on the 9th, 15 vacant on the 8th, 21 vacant on the 7th, 7 vacant on the 10th and 19 vacancies on the 11th. You can search vacancies through the government of PEI web site by visiting and then do a search of vacancies.

checking on vacancy for the Cavendish Concert July 7-11

Our Greenvale Acres B&B location (Green Gables Shore) at $60 a night has one vacancy on the 7th and 8th still available. The Trailside Bed and Breakfast in Charlottetown (Charlottetown Winsloe Area) has vacancy from the 7th to the 11th renting for $60 a night on a three night stay. I’m starting to wonder as the concert time last year was almost 90% booked at this time last year.

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