Yesterday I went for a little gallivant, touring Route 6 along to Rustico I passed by countrysides of ploughed fields ready for planting.

potato field

Potato field ready for planting

Onto the North Shore and Rustico a fishing village, I travel out to the pier where a lighthouse stands quietly. No one is around and the streets are still. The fishing boats are lined in a row anticipating good weather for tomorrow’s catch.

lighthouse in North Rustico

The entrance to the National Park is to the right of Amanda’s Restaurant. We soar past the toll booth with the green light and no attendant, after hours and I don’t have to pay entrance fees of $7.90, wohoo. We pull into a look-out and take a few pictures.

along the shore

The North Shore of PEI

We travel along to the next look-out and pull off, the sun is starting to set and makes her mark on the North Shore.

red cliff

PEI red cliff shore

Red Cliff

Sunsetting on the North Shore Cliff

It will be a lovely sunset again on the North Shore. It is a cold wind blows and a good thing as it is blowing the warm air from the South tonight and tomorrow will be a fine sunny day.

The sun is setting fast

North Shore

Sunset on the North Shore PEI

The Sun Has Set

The Sun Has Set

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