In Prince Edward Island this year we are hosting outdoor activities as the main theme. Here is a list to say a few.

Listings of activities on Prince Edward Island

Outdoor Fun

Authentic PEI Experiences

On the Water

Antiques & Art Galleries

Attractions & Museums

Food & Beverage




Living beside the Confederation Trail we get to meet and great many cyclists a day. We have cut a path from our Bed and Breakfast on our property to the Trail and put up picnic tables for cyclist and hikers to have a rest area.  I didn’t know there were 24 bike shops on the Island until I started reading this morning, here is your choice for bike shops.
I hope if your coming our way to Prince Edward Island you get the chance to pick a few outdoor activities and attractions from the list. Be sure to pick a few indoor ones also as there are a few of us who also have indoor activities around the Island like the small class I put on for teaching others
That’s it for today folks. I hope you have time for an outdoor activity today. If so let me know what you like to do for activities outside…
you never know I might just take up a new sport.
Here is the last thing I made
A Butterfly pendant for Heather’s friend in NC to remember times.
Take care we care, The Trails of Hats’n Hospitalitea,

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