A memory deeply planted in your mind may not surface often however, most memories are jogged when you look at a photo of someone.
For me sometimes it is looking at the bottom of a tea cup and saucer,
I can remember her smile.
tea cup and saucer

A little girl memory takes me back a number of years to a wedding shower that was being held for a cousin. I listened to my aunts talk about gifting her tea cups and it wouldn’t be a shower without receiving a tea cup. Back then each time you had a birthday or wedding shower the gift was a tea cup and saucer. I don’t know the tradition and it was something I never asked about it was just so.
I can remember her ways.
Grandma's Tea Cup and Saucer

Today I took down this tea cup and saucer that my aunt Myrtle gave me a few years ago before she passed away. I remember her going to the china cabinet and taking this one out. I also remember her 75th wedding anniversary party, everyone had a different tea cup and saucer from my Aunt’s collection, the guests numbered just over 200. That was quite a collection.
I can remember her advice.
Aunt Myrtle's cup

Tea cup and saucer memories, some of the best.

Thanks for joining me in my memories.  Do you hold something close to your heart as a memory?

Until the next time I can make you smile,


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