Just Tea, drats its all about the tea

I couldn’t imagine using a word such as drats around my grandparents as this was a curse word, I’d only heard them ever say sugar, or “brown sugar” when they were really mad.

Yes, its all about the tea, for sure

This week Grandma’s Tea Room hosted a Bridal Shower and what a party it turned out to be, everyone had such a good time I actually was thinking of grabbing a chair and sitting in the crowd with them and having a bite and playing games.  Then I thought about it for a minute longer and realized The French Gardener might panic if he was running the show.

The preparations



The Tea Cup


If you notice I have names on the bottom of my tea cups, that isn’t because I’m planning for my permanent retirement and these are to be given to loved ones, no, it is because the names are from the previous owner or giver of the tea cup.  This one came from my brother that he found at a garage sale and picked up for me, I love her she is one of my best.




Let’s get this party started, shall we?




Find a spot and then select a hat, “would you like tea with that?”



Your choice of tea would be selected from the tea sniffing bar,


Oh that Dutch Licorice is sooooo good! 


Gosh Grandma, don’t forget the helpers



Never forget the inspiration



Or the we little tea things



 The Tea House is Ready

These little salt and pepper shakers remind me of the mirrored houses in Savannah Georgia that we had a chance to see, while on tour with a very dear friend of ours June.


The bridal shower was a success as well as the gluten free scones and bread, they looked scrumptious.


Oh I almost forgot, if you have gotten this far and wish to have a sample of that scrumptious Dutch Licorice tea, send me a self addressed envelope and I’ll get it off to you for a taste. 

Be sure to take time out of your day for a time to reflect, a time to exercise, time to cry, time to laugh and that very special time for tea between the hours of 2 and 4p.m. 


Grandma ~00~




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