Welcome to my #4th tea time Tuesday.  I’ll be joining Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage as Tuesday is a great time for tea.


 Fancy! Fire King Mugs

Usually at this time of year I’m spending it with my daughter Jennifer in North Carolina.  The two of use usually jump in the car and head out  thrifting or stopping by my favourite spot for a little treasures seeking at “Grannies Panties.” This post is a re-post, however I’m missing Jennifer and well I wanted to share how much love is between the handles of these fancy fire king mugs with you all.

Jennifer and I spent the day thrifting, our last stop of the day is Grannies Panties. I have my treasures and I go to the cash to find a fellow in front of me putting his finds on the cash counter.

He pulls out two mugs that he had tucked up under his arm and set them atop of the counter. They caught my eye, these mugs take me back a number of years to a time I can’t get back ever.

Grannies mugmom and her coffee mug

My mom left us in January 2006 after an eight year battle with Cancer. She drank coffee from one of these mugs, it had to be her favourite as there were plenty of other mugs in the cupboards but she always used this green Fire King mug. When I went to Ottawa for her funeral I asked my brother for this mug, I needed something of moms and this would be perfect. Sadden I was told there wasn’t anything like that at her house. I often questioned myself…did it get just get tossed because it was an old mug, or was it a sale item on ebay?

Here I was standing behind a man at Grannies Panties and he had two mugs just like moms. I told him how I had been looking for years for just this same mug, how much I would appreciate such a mug and then slipped in, “can I buy those off you?” The gentlemen smiled and told me he had two others like it at home and they were all going to be part of a 4 mug collection. My face welled up and tears formed in my eyes, I looked across to my daughter Jennifer who, whispered “its ok mom, it will be ok.”

I got help to load my tea cart and noticed Jennifer over talking to the man with the green mugs outside. When I approached she was finishing up the conversation with “well, thanks anyway you know I just had to try.” He said he understood.
On our ride home I told Jennifer that Granny (mom) always said if it was meant to be it would happen. I told Jennifer that I would have loved the mugs, but I rectified not getting them by saying, “no doubt I would put them on the shelf and every time I would pass by them I would think of Granny and not get any work done, it is meant to be.” Jennifer sadly agreed.

When we got home I was excited about my tea cart and had it out of the car sitting in the driveway by the time my French Gardener came out. He was impressed, I got a good find and he walked with me to the back of the Honda to see what else I picked up. Jennifer minded the tea cart like it would go somewhere, admiring it I returned to where she was, only to find the two cups sitting on top of the tea cart. We both turned on the tap and stood there like fools in the driveway crying while she was trying to explain, she wanted to keep them for me for my Birthday but couldn’t hold out any longer. She continued with “mom, I asked the man with the green cups if he would sell me one, and after I told him how much they meant, he gave them both to me, said we should both keep grannies memory.”

We continued to cry all the way into the house and made ourselves each a cup of coffee in those old green mugs, and it tasted just like grannies coffee did as we remembered when.

 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures”~Proverbs 2:4

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