What would Christmas be without tea and a tree?

Welcome to my #5th tea time Tuesday.  I’ll be joining Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage as Tuesday is a great time for tea.


Wishing my daughter Jennifer in NC and all my American friends a Happy American Thanksgiving.

I looked through my collection of tea cups and didn’t find anything close enough to a Christmas tree or poinsettia on a tea cup, however, I did see this as I was searching and just love the cup and saucer so decided to share.

Apples and Cinnamon just go together like sugar and spice, don’t you think?

So this week I have cinnamon scented candles, I made up a couple of sachets of cinamon and spices and put them into a crock pot of apple juice and simmered away.  I also busted out my bathroom air Febreze that Canadian Tire had on sale, and guess the scent? Apple Spice Delight.

This is as close to apple blossoms  to match my Christmas scent theme as I could get, I hope you like it as much as I do.

tea cup

Stretch your imagination.

yellow tea cup

Let your imagination smell.

hot scone

The hot scones fresh out of the oven, with

Whipped butter

whipped butterStrawberry Jam

strawberry jamAnd Cream

Sweetened cream

Entertaining a tea party is so much fun.

However not as much fun as making your own Christmas cards.

pink poinsettia Christmas Card

I have to start to think Red for Christmas, think think think.

visions of sugar plums cardA perfect day for apple cinnamon tea.


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