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Wow! this week has gone by faster than any other. I missed three days out of the middle with an intestinal flu like symptoms. I’ll just remove those three days from the week and find something to share about the two days left.

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story has encouraged us to look into our week and pick 5 things to be thankful for, blessings as they are called. So join us in a weekly FFF as we express ourselves for what we are blessed.

Friday’s favourite five #31

1. Winter sleigh rides. Although I didn’t get any exercise this week at all I did take in a sleigh ride. This week the couch and I became best friends as I spent 3 days there being sick. Monday I was fine they should have put me out behind this sleigh and made me run that would have made up for the week. Oh well, I’m feeling a tiny winy bit better today, at least I’m at my computer.

2. Electric throw. This past Christmas I received an electric throw. Lets just say it was a well used gift this week.

3. Well water. I moved away from our family farm house in July of 08. I just love the water there and every so often I go over and fill up a jug. Over the past two months the kids have been filling up two water jugs and bringing them over when they come to visit because I like the water. The house is up for sale and the joke is that we will have a conditional to sale that mom can get drinking water.

4. A blog a day. I have tried to maintain a blog a day for some time. I believed I needed to keep the interest in order to keep the reader. In an earlier post I wrote about this and got a lot of email responses to how you felt on keeping up with blogging, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Again thank you for sharing this with me, because over the past three days when I was sick I never once felt guilty of not being here. However the French Gardener was thinking he would have to take the reins and come on board this am, but I’m here. Not for long as I need to rest again, but I’ll get caught up on my reading by the time the week is through.

5. From the French Gardener.
Physiotherapy, especially when covered by medical insurance. For a couple of years I have been struggling with shoulder pain. I finally decided to talk to the doctor about it. He sent me for physio. The therapists were great and very thorough in examination and explanation. After 10 days of being faithful to their recommended exercises I would say 80% of the discomfort is gone. When spring arrives I should be in great shape to resume my gardening duties.

Starting the week off right with a sleigh ride.

It turned out to be a beautiful cold crisp evening, thankful for the hot chocolate afterwards.

I’m privileged to be here, to share and read. I’m thankful to Susanne for hosting Living to Tell the Story and I’m going to see her right now, you can too.

xo, cindy

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Hello and welcome to my True to Thursday’s weigh in.

I’m a mama, a grandmama, a big mama at that.

Here it is Thursday again, I’m going to put it out there, I’m either brave, or foolish but next week my numbers will hopefully go down. On my “True To Thursday” change, challenge it is about being true to myself.  I’m by no means a strong willed person and I have a hold fast thought that, “exercising can be a brisk sit.

Today my weight is


This week I gained

.6 pounds

Aw, I feel like a little kid who just got her fingers slapped for doing something wrong.  I have a big upper lip and I’m pouting but I have only me to blame.  This week we had… wait a minute there is no we in I.  This week I had two sit down Thanksgiving dinners, one pot luck at the Red Cross association, one bottle of wine with our guests, one rather late dinner, 1/2 of a pumpkin pie, bread twice, and last night I drank one litre of 2% milk.

Recap of the past weeks.

week one; cut down on portion sizes.

week two; no carbs and switch to 1% milk.

week three; I need to drink more water than milk, ya that is an easy one.

Speaking of easy ones, it is easy to make excuses for not exercising. I can come up with the best of the best when it comes to exercising.  I also find crumbs and pinches are jumping into my mouth. These are ity bitties  that just fall off when I cut toast up for Anna – the last cut just seems to jump into my mouth.

So day 14 and 2 episodes later of Jillian Michaels the 30 day shred is about to take on a 3rd episode.

I compare the 30 day shred with something very distasteful like okra and eating sand clams.

She sits on the shelf staring me down day after day and I can hear her voice calling from my exercise mat.

I envision Jillian in her sweat pants with her little exercise team at her side and they wait each day for me to show.

This week I have a date with Jillian each day and well, I’ll be back.

I’m back, and feeling much better now that it is over with for today.

After putting the dvd in, and listening to Jillian go one and on about everyone feeling pain and pain is fear leaving your body and on and on then she goes into  how 400 pound people can even do jumping jacks that was it I’m starting to loose confidence in truth here.  I mean I have trouble with jumping jacks and well get real.

Moving on Jillian gives you the option of level 1 through 3 and I opt for level 1 knowing I’m in pretty good shape for my height and weight and I don’t really want to push the matter. I then have another option ya, I get to exercise with Natalie who is a fast pace gett’er done kind of gal or Anita who is exercising low to moderate and well I don’t want Anita to be exercising all by herself so I opt to follow her lead.

I’m doing it!,  even 30 seconds of jumping jacks without quiting.

Today I’m doing level one and it is a true passion of hate. I believe I saw an episode of “true grit” where the Indians had captured John Wayne and was torturing him.   Some of Jillian’s exercises make me feel like John Wayne being held captive by Jillian.

Meanwhile Jillian is telling me to keep going for another 5 more and feel the burning in the back of my legs, the real pain is in the front, back and sides of my legs if she only knew. I keep it up, driving me the 30 seconds to each workout.

It is finally over and I repel myself onto the couch. I’m feeling like Loonette the Clown in an episode of TreeHouse and the big comfy couch. Breath, breath relax the couch will solve all your worldly problems.

Okra is starting to look like it might be added to my vegetable menu if I’m not able to stick to this.

On the other hand I’m ambitious enough right now because I just had my workout and tomorrow will be the tried and true test as to weather I have real pain.

Well today is the starting of week three. I enjoyed your comments and encouragements over the past two weeks and I need them, every bit helps.



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