Perhaps I should have waited until the morning to post this especially when tonight was the first night at bootcamp. I’m not going to lie, it was hard but they say it might get easier.

Seems to me I can’t remember zipping up a pair of size 16 jeans even though it wasn’t that long ago.  Things become difficult when you put on weight and some things that seem effortless to some become a big ordeal.  Take putting on a pair of socks for instance, it is a job, I have to sit my left cheek on the bed and raise my left foot to put on my sock, then reverse and sit my right cheek on the bed and lift my right leg and repeat.  I had to recently go out and purchase a pair of knee high boots so I was able to grab the tops of them to pull them on with ease.  Another thing when you are 4 foot 11 inches and your height isn’t from your waist to you foot, driving becomes difficult when the seat needs to be put back to accommodate a few pounds.  Oh and the all embarrassing moment is when any restaurant uses captain chairs and you get up and the chair gets up with you.

Well apparently this UFIT boot camp is going to kick me back into shape, hum, I don’t remember what shape I use to be either as I’m taking on this pear shape lately.

My daughter has encouraged me to join and I’m going to stick with it for us both.  I have 5 weeks to fit and 5 weeks of healthy eating and making life changes is on the rise.  I might of embarrassed myself tonight but I’m going back on Friday to do it again.

Denise Fleming

Go Grandma Go!

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