“Come for Tea” is my way of saying stop in put on a hat and stay for a cup of tea.

Can I interest you in a Cream Tea?

cream tea


Perhaps you have time for a High Tea?

Grandmas Afternoon Tea

Grandmas Afternoon Tea

afernoon tea

afternoon tea

tour grandmas afternoon tea room


tea trolley

grandmas tea trolley

welcome to my tearoom


experience of a tea room

tea room

fun in PEI

fun in PEI

high tea PEI

High Tea PEI

view of the garden pond from the tea room

view of the gardens from the tea room

put on hats just for fun in PEI

Having a Hat n Tea in PEI

relax have tea inside or out in the garden

relaxing at grandmas

Fun in PEI

Things to do in PEI

Garden Wall

Garden Wall

Tea Granny

Tea Granny

the tea room tour

Looking out of the tearoom

This ends my Tea Room tour at Grandma’s Afternoon Tea Room. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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