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FFF Post # 10
I’m grateful for many things but this post is going to just look back on the past week and reflect on some of the reasons I am here for you today.
My FFF might seem short this week.  I have a rush of sense happening and as I always said deadlines have a way of making things happen. This week I’m up against the best of the best for deadlines.  The Tourism book listing for the business’ have to be in by the end of the week, I haven’t started writing them. There is a court document I need to answer to by the end of the week and it is for retro active pay, get’er done. I have 15-20 very important ladies the red haters coming for tea on Saturday, preparation- preparation. I want to be included in the “Once in a lifetime Experiences” for next year and the application sits waiting on my desk to be filled out. This week time has stood still and you will see why.
1. Getting A phone call this week. For 8 maybe 10 years I have been asking my brother to come and visit me in Prince Edward Island.  This week he calls.  Ring ring, I answer the phone.
Ralph, “Hey, ya its me.”
Me, “Heeeey, how is it going, everything alright.”
Ralph, “Ya, just sitting in the garage thought I”d call and let you know dad’s ok.”
Me, “Ya, that’s ok, you sure your ok.”
Ralph, “Oh, ya.”
Ralph, “Hey, listen I have something to tell you.”
Me, “Ok, go ahead.”
Ralph, “Remember we talked about me coming down, ya well I’m not going to make it.”  “I have a big roofing job starting on Monday.
Me, “Ya, I know and then Ralphie starts school.”
Ralph, “Listen, I have something to tell you, are you listening?”
Me, “Ya”
Ralph, “I’m leaving at 8am tomorrow, I”ll see you soon.”
Me, “ya I’ll believe you when I see you.”
Ya, he is here, not for long so I have to go wake him up so we can go beach combing again, but he made it.  I wish there weren’t any Tim Horton’s along the way he would have been here sooner.
2. Out to the Beach again. What a blast, so off all the things we could be doing in PEI, deep sea fishing, golfing, attractions, sight seeing, eating and so on my brother wants to go to the beach and beachcomb or in his words, “I just came down to spend time with my sister.”  He golfs we have the word’s best greens here and he wants to spend time with me.  Oh, gee that’s special. We decide to go clamming, ya, two kids from the big city and we decide we will get some, bring them home, and cook them.  Have a look at what happens only if you have a cast iron stomach because I got sick. How to eat a clam in PEI.
3. Never being lost for words. In earlier posts you can probably tell how I like to talk about me, sometimes it is all about me.  Well my brother and I are cut from the same cloth and the pattern repeats itself.  He thinks it is all about him and the two of us are loud, excited, happy to see each other, outspoken, obnocious, and don’t let anyone get a word in for hours the conversation was all about him and I and no one else was even there.
4. Finally scrapbooking with one of the best. Sharon (Ralph’s wife) has been a scrapbooker for as long as I remembered and I have always admired her.  I’m sure she sparked my interest into scrapbooking way back when.  Anyway I got to scrapbook with the best of them yesterday. It rained all day and we couldn’t go out and play so we stayed in and scraped. Look at the altered book she helped me make.
Awesome, ah! Thanks Sharon I had fun making this and spending time with you.
5. Spending the day with my brother and his family before they head home tomorrow morning. Today we are going around a few places, oh and up to St.Peter’s for Rick’s fish and chips.
Well this has been my week, I”m excited and probably will never forget the short few days we had.  It meant a lot that he came and visited me, more than he will ever know. We parted years ago when I moved to the Island. He  resented me leaving and didn’t mix his words when he told me so.  This week he had the opportunity to share my world and I heard my dad’s voice telling me “you know what? you have done alright for yourself, I’m proud of you, not just proud I envy you, your doing alright.”
That’s a big one and only him and I know this, we both have tried so hard to be in our fathers eye and just do one thing that would have him utter those words and although Ralph and I have done a lot we will never here dad say “I’m proud of you.” Not now anyway.”
I don’t know how to say good-bye and I’m scared I won’t see him again, but we will have to do this real soon.

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I love you Ralphie,



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