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Ok it was only one day but it was still a day away. 

We put enough provisions in the camper for overnight and hardly looked back



We took a notion to do a little geocaching along the way and ended up in a graveyard



The cache was on the side of the graveyard at the very back of St. James Church



I often visit graveyards and so I was in my element



We finally made it out to the beach



Even found some seaglass



It was a beautiful evening




Back to work, got to run as I have 7 coming for tea and the oven has just beeped 



Have a wonderful weekend.


xoxo, Cindy




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Today it is raining and I can tell the plants just love it however my camera doesn’t.  I was out on the golden hours last evening and captured a few picture of lilies I think you might enjoy. 

The hosta are blooming nicely as well as the estilbe.  I have to wonder how these red poppies made it from the back yard all the way up here but such is seeds on a windy day in PEI. 




A short walk out the driveway found me pulling a few weeds in between the day lilies.  I find there are always weeds to be pulled. 



I love the colour of these.



I’m thinking I’ll need to paint my Adirondack chair before long.



These are beautiful lilies with the lavender as an accent.


There isn’t much colour under our sign but it is busy enough, lol


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Remember it is the seaglass festival in Souris this weekend so we might see you there. 

I hope to come back with some great finds.


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