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I did have just a Glimpse, it was breathtaking.

We headed to the airport, I took my corner on the South West side.  Figuring the presession would travel around the corner slowly.  I didn’t imagine the car they were driving in would turn so WIDE and that I would only be 3 feet from Kate as they rounded the corner.  Oh, words can’t express the excitement, it was overwhelming, sorry but I live a sheltered life under this hat, and well can you imagine.  Anyway I was ready with the camera.  I also wore one of my hats from the Tea Room that I wear while serving tea and I had Braxton with me and we both had red white and blue bandanna’s on.

Braxton and I waiting for William and Kate to arrive at the airport

Braxton and I waiting for Kate and Will

I was so surprised, Kate leaned forward on her seat looked me straight in the eye and waved at Braxton and I, how could she miss us in that hat with all the business in the front as I put it on backwards so it would be showy.  I forgot to get her picture but I did get.

A picture of the driver

driver of Will and Kate

As she rounded the corner and was gone, this being the only time in a lifetime I had the chance to get a glimpse of her, and I didn’t get a picture.  Like a kid who doesn’t get her own way I walked off stamping my feet listening to the others in the crowd standing only 10 feet from me yelling how they got a picture of her.  I sure missed my only opportunity.

In my email this morning from someone I don’t even know (Ravi S. K.) a picture of Kate looking over at me. This picture, ya the picture I missed of her waving and looking at me.

Kate looking at me

Kate waving and smiling at Braxton and I

The End!

x0, cindy

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That’s all I’m asking for just a glimpse.  I’m wanting to head to the airport it is 5:50pm and in one hour the Royals will be landing.

This past week has been a busy one at Grandma’s Tea Room getting Royal Ready has been an understatement. First there was picking the material, that was not easy, do you know how many Royal Blues there are in 3 material shops?  I found just the perfect colour at the Bedeque Fabric Outlet.

Royal Blue Table Toppers

Fabric cut and started to sew it all together

Tea Room is getting Ready for a Royal Visit

The Tea Room set up for our Royal Tea July 1 to July 9th

12 noon until 4pm

Royal Blue Setting

Put on a hat and stay for tea


Put on a hat for tea


22 tea varieties in the tea sniffing bar

22 tea varieties in the tea sniffing bar

Royal and Ready

Royal and Ready



Be sure to stop by, I’ll put on tea and we’ll have scones

xo, cindy

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