In a recent Meeting of the Minds Brenda Gallant, Chris Jones, and Sebastian Manago announced some brilliant attempts at increasing tourism awareness for PEI. However we all noticed the comments and negative feedback about Regis and Kelly in the media and that could be a direct link to the decline in tourism over the next couple of years.

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meeting of the minds

The Fact that Regis and Kelly are coming to PEI is as fantastic as it gets; this will be a huge boost for PEI. It is time to try something new, and it must have been a thrill to sell PEI to the Regis and Kelly show. Thank you Michael Gelman for the interview, the chance (sales pitch) and now the opportunity…

It doesn’t surprise me; the Island is beautiful and we want to share that with everyone. Ya! broadcast it live and broadcast it loud! Tell the world how fantastic our seafood is, how grand our adventures are, how everlasting the memory is, how genuine the hospitality is, how scenic the land, how memorable for as much as the memory will hold and the eye can catch, that’s PEI.

The tickets will be available for the July 12 to 15 show however the show is taping and showing live on Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th. The 14 and 15 will be pre-recorded on the 12th and 13th to reduce production costs. If you’re planning to come for the live show plan to come for the taping Monday July 12 and 13, two shows per day. Go to Regis and Kelly web site for tickets at

Tourism has been low for the past number of years and our advertising market is using our money differently to increase awareness of Prince Edward Island and increase visitation. Tourism is a very competitive market, we need to keep the Island’s uniqueness and while we advance with the times. After all who is it that said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We need to support the marketing people who are rolling out the red carpet in an effort to boost awareness of our “Grand Land”.

It’s not about the money, it is about the recognition. The money isn’t to pay a holiday for Regis and Kelly; after all they are paid by the network and are away from family getting nothing extra unless Kelly forces Regis to eat some “Oysters”. The money goes to pay for equipment, the stage, seating, security etc… etc…

The Regis and Kelly show reaches 5 million people a day; this is the most positive cause and effect that can only increase awareness and bring us back return on our investment. Remember that we are going to get 4 hours of PEI infomercial, (this is valued at 4.8 million dollars) Just a 30 second ad would cost us the tax payers 60 thousand dollars. Regis and Kelly will announce for one month that they are taping live in PEI, several ABC stations will host a “win a trip to PEI contest, there is talk that e-talk daily and entertainment tonight may be coming to the Island to cover the event, sweepstakes to attend the shows taping, the Regis and Kelly web site will always mark the date of the taped shows from the Island.

The return on investment isn’t going to happen on July 12 to 15 like most critical Islander’s are suggesting in negative comments to editors. This is a long term investment. These negative comments are counter productive, and in the long run will only achieve the opposite of what the government is trying to do, they need to stop! Yes, Islanders you want to be heard, but ye who speaks the loudest doesn’t always know the most. Read what some of you are saying, listen to the negative feedback you are preaching, it’s funny that every time your mouth opens your brains seep out. I’m embarrassed to find out that Regis and Kelly have been reading these comments from you.

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