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A Poutine! Hum, crispy fries, tasty gravy, and a mess of cheese melted on top…That’s a poutine!

Yesterday we took a drive out Guess Rd and headed towards Honey’s Restaurant for lunch.

Not elegant dinning, not fast food but I’d put them in the home cooked category.

It’s a fun place and definitely comfortable, clean and relaxing.  

However Jennifer was offered a booth to sit at and well being 81/2 months along you can’t sit at a booth.

So we had a chair pulled up for her at the end of the booth.  

Jennifer and I were there for the Poutine!


Grandpa ordered the lunch time special and a small Mountain Dew, this is a small, Ah excuse me!

Do you remember this slogan?

I’d walk a mile for a Camel

If you remember this slogan maybe you can remember these in all the stores and restaurants also.

A real working cigarette machine….I wanted to put my quarters in it just to see it work.

It has been rainy for the past few days here in North Carolina, but better than the weather everyone is getting back home in PEI, -3 and snowing. 

Really, I’m missing the snow, (cough, cough)

Time to get working on the next scrapbooking border.  I’m trying to get it done  before we head to Savannah  Georgia next week to see a dear friend. I’m excited and still have to go on line and find places to see and things to do yet.  June has come to the Island for the past number of years and last year due to a number of out of control reasons she didn’t make it. I missed her terribly this past summer at the tea room, she is always a cool night’s breeze when she walks through the door, I love her.  

Join me for Tea on Tuesday, Please

xoxo Cindy 

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I must have received on average about 17 phone calls last night from people looking for accommodations on the Island.

In 2002 we had a season like that, we had so many visitors to the Island that they were having a hard time locating places for people to stay.

This was me scrambled potato

I had two people on the phone and Guy had one inside the house and two cars pulled up in the driveway and this was all within 6 minutes the rest of the evening kept going like this. I was all messed up by the end of the night.



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