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I have to admit Friday’s come and go and it seems to be faster and faster all the time.  That is one way to deal with Winter, that I’m thankful for.

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story has encouraged us to look into our week and pick 5 things to be thankful for, blessings as they are called. So join us in a weekly FFF as we express ourselves for what we are blessed.

1. Early to bed.  These days I wake up way to early.  I don’t need to get up this early.  No one else is up this early.  I can’ t even make noise this early.  Each day it has been about 12 minutes earlier that I wake up, this causes me to go to bed way to early.  Last night I guess I started snoring and the tv got turned up way to loud so I’d get the message.

2. Dead lines.  I always said that deadlines have a way of making things happen and they do, each week I manage to pull together another small accomplishment.  This week the tedious Anne braids are done and bagged.

3. Clean sidewalks.  I will be blessed that we can get to our mail and I’ll also be thankful that walking will be easier once the sidewalks are clear again.  Seems the city has encouraged the snowmobile club from the exit of the trail to the Irving gas bar by not keeping the sidewalks clean so the sleds can access the sidewalk up to the garage to get gas, cigarettes, coffee, and other important items.  I checked yesterday and there is 17 inches of snow and the streets, sidewalks around are all clean straight to the pavement.

4. FFF. I’m going to take a leave without pay.

5. Finishing up started jobs.  Perhaps I’m not the only one who has a project on the go, a room half painted, steps with the vacuum still on them, and odd socks on my feet.  The pressure of life has been placed upon me and I’m giving it to it.  I notice I was a blog a day person, now I’m lucky if it is a blog a week, and I push myself to be here on Friday.  I got one job finished in the gift shop this week and over the next following weeks I plan to continue finishing up started jobs and I can accomplish this the least amount of distractions.  I painted a mural on the wall where we are hanging the gridwall and product on, sort of a back drop so to speak.

The finished wall

The gridwall is hung now to rearrange

I’ll miss my FFF each week and I’ll think of you and perhaps stop by for a visit once in awhile. Until then I have to get on track and that means less computer time.  It has been fun and rewarding and if you want to see what I’ve been up to, just drop by, ta ta for now.

xo~ cindy

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Around our house back in the 70’s each family member played a key role in a young persons life.  Grandpa was the story teller, Grandma taught you to sew, cook, and knit.  Brothers taught you to pee standing up. Fathers taught you to be strong and not whiny.  Mothers taught you wisdom, idioms, how to be a better person, and the direction to go in life.  Mom knew her idioms and I always thought she could just pull them out of a hat because each time a situation arose she had an idiom for it.

Back in January I blogged about  idioms and the many she used to say, off the top of my head and the best I could remember but I forgot about this one – A bad start means a good finish.

For two months now I have been attempting to paint a mural on the gift shop wall and just couldn’t get started.  “I can’t paint,”  I could only draw a broken wheel with missing spokes.  So it was hard for me to attempt this challenge.  The French Gardener and I went out for supper one night 3 weeks ago and I turned the place mat over and decided to sketch out the wall mural. That place mat has been hanging on the wall this past 3 weeks and yesterday I got it done.  Surprised by the finish and today the gridwal gets assembled and everyone is saying don’t cover it up.

Here is my bad start to a good finish.

The place mat on the wall

The finished wall

There is a painted East Coast down the left side where we will put all our beachcombing finds from our big trip. The French Gardener is going to place small shelves where we can place little treasure.

What is PEI without a lighthouse

This is a section I really like

One of our favourite memories was in Provincetown.  We beachcombed all day up to the point and then joined in the Spooky Bear Event Street Party in Provincetown.

I am about to reach into the unfinished project jar and select the next one.  Do you have a project your are working on or need to finish? Perhaps something you started and just can’t get back at it to get it finished?  Let me know I’d love to read about it.

xo cindy

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