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We all have them, bad habits or sayings that should have been better off left unsaid. Well I had one too it was long ago and I don’t use it anymore so I’m not feeling too bad about sharing it with you. When I tried to make a point… you know personal opinion sort of speak and I wasn’t winning I’d say, Oh, ya, well how do you like those apples? Sounds tough eh! another Canadian habit Eh! Don’t you laugh friends from the US, huh! ya’ll.

Outdoor Wednesday #2 out about the apple orchard
Here’s the gang taken in some outdoor fresh air. Now Mr. Braxton is confused because he is trained to walk on the left side of ya, but the French Gardener put him on the right, so it sorta messes with things a little. Anna doesn’t seem to mind as long as she gets one of those wagon rides.

Some might say,

she’s as happy as a bird out of water, or

she’s happy as a clam, perhaps

she’s happy as a pig in sh_t!

Either way she is one happy camper.

Never a crab………

Time for pick’n apples.

Off the wagon, grab the basket

follow Papa and fill the basket

Come on Braxton we will pick


Another wagon ride.
Our basket is full of Liberty

apples and we are about to

go get some Freedom apples

for baking and applesauce

for Me.

You stopped to fast

again.  This time I’m


Finish the phrase,

Don’t upset the apple……

Again, happy as a clam,

grandpa didn’t even notice

she was upside down until the

little boy who was picking apples

said to his mom, “mommy, look the  little girl fell off the wagon.”   The two of us turned around at the same time, “some good grandparents we are.” Oh my, I was laughing so hard it was almost impossible to take a good picture.

If that was a drink in her hand she wouldn’t

have spilled a drop.  She lay there not

moving or saying a word only looking

at her apple making sure it was still ok.

An Apple in the hand is like two in the……

Besides she knew Gammma would pluck

her up in no time.

These apples were a bit, no

a lot tart and every bite

she took she winced and then

took another bite.

Opps I forgot what my post was about today.

How about an apple a day….

You’re the apple of my….

An apple never falls far from the……

Bobbing for……..

Comparing apples to……

Sure as God made little green…….

In apple-pie…….

One bad apple spoils the…….

Finally Tractor/Apple Bliss

This week Vicki has been work’n the potato fields,

she works from dawn to dusk and walks in the door

around 7:30 pm looking like something the cat drug in.

She picks up little Anna in her arms and says, “come on,

sweet pea lets go home – momma’s tired.”

Anna kinda reminds me of….

The Farmer’s Daughter.

Thanks for joining me in my outdoor adventure.

“It sure beats sitt’n behind a desk answering phones for Alient.” Vicki Vivaraies

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Outdoor Wednesdays #1

A good sunset is part of my perfect day.

In Autumn the skies can sing as the sun goes down in Prince Edward Island.

This photo was taken a couple of Thursdays ago on a ride home from the beaches in the East Point of the Island.

This silhouetted  of a 1.5 story home is in a farming community with empty hay fields and round bails among it.

Many homes on Prince Edward Island are a one and a half story home built in the late 1800 early 1900 and was a traditional style home. The 1.5 story homes were built to save on heating, as a small stove would be placed on the first story in the middle and the second story would be easy to heat because heat rises.

I have an old country farm house that is in Greenvale PEI and it is a 1.5 story and it has very high peaks on the roof for attic space.

I think homes built back in those days were very structure sound.

This has been my Outdoor Wednesday for this week.

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