Friday’s come fast around here.  All week I told myself, “self! make sure to save some mind blogging ideas for Friday.”   Each week I have noticed I look forward to Friday more and more.  Friday gives me time to slow down and think about what just went on.  Seems to me I’m remembering the weeks better.  Sometimes I surprise myself – I never kept track of the days before, but I now know when  Friday comes along.

FFF#6 post

1.  Girlfriends and a night out. Wooohooo with a great deal of planning, slipping away from Anna, and a little wife engineering I was able to make it out on Wednesday night with the girls to sit around the big table and bead and chat.  See what we made, there was more talking than making.

2.  Run on sentences. I love them, if it wasn’t for run on sentences or spelling mistakes I wonder if my French Gardener would read my blog each week.  He is a retired SAHPITB and was a proof reader in his working days, now he says he is just practicing – “got to keep the brain sharp!”

3. Water resistant watches. I took the French Gardener sea glass picking with me last Saturday – “you know, the one who is retired.” Anyway the tide hadn’t gone out all the way so we were picking in the water, good job as it was so hot.  He held his watch under water so long it has not come up for air yet.  So I bought him a new one today. I just went looking for him to see how he liked his new watch and I found it all taken apart – he is putting the old band on the new watch, I give up.  I’m sticking to run on sentences they cause me less stress.  So what part of this is positive? I didn’t throw the old watch out for some reason, I know why now.

4.  One of my most admired pieces of beach glass. Today a customer from Toronto came into the shop and was purchasing scrapbooking supplies and spotted a beach glass pendent I made and said “I got to have that.”  I love it when someone enjoys my work and comments on it.  It puts a spin on my day and gives me a lift.

5.  Wee little Anna. Anna was part of my google photo shop this week when I picked a photo for the tea room.  I just love this one.

Something about wearing a hat and putting on beads that makes having tea at Grandma’s a little special.  This week I made my first video for my web site.  Is it amateurish, yes but I had fun doing it and you know it isn’t easy to do.

In the TeaRoom I see ladies come in casual, put on a hat and turn into someone elegant, the  speech goes, the pinky up, and they tea into action.  What a hoot and looks like Anna will fit in very nicely.  I have a children’s tea and yes it is called a “Wee Little Tea”

You are all invited to join Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story as each Friday we reflect on favourite moments of the week.

This week was fun, I’ll start my diet next week…



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