The end of yet another week.  The French Gardener and I have been working about the Garden, cleaning up for Fall and taking short breaks here and there. Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts this FFF that encourages us to look back on our week and be thankful for, and blessed by.

Friday’s Favourite Five # 15

Here are my Five.

1. Well water that tastes so good. We didn’t opt to switch over to the city water when the city dug past the house a couple of years ago.  The city has grown past the limits that it was and reached us what use to be in the country.  However we’re still 4 km from the city. Tea and coffee just tastes so much better depending on the water and without chlorine in the water. Our guests always comment on a good night sleep and the taste of the coffee or tea :-).

2. Dollar stores when you need them. Yesterday night we decided to put the bikes on the back of the truck and head to Victoria Park for a bike ride, yes, we took Braxton in his basket.  After our race around Victoria Park we headed down to the waterfront to wave goodbye to the CROWN PRINCESS – PC that was in port at the Charlottetown Harbour then back to the car.  We decided to go over to the beach at Tea Hill and we didn’t take a leash with us but in Stratford is a dollar store so we popped in and bought one to go, actually to stay in the car.

3. A new day a new disposition. This week I woke with a challenge and a new disposition.  I so have to loose weight and I don’t see myself getting on the show the biggest looser.  I have made myself accountable to each Thursday of the week to have a weekly weigh in  and try and stay on track.  Each week I’ll set an new challenge for myself, wish me luck or give me advice.

4. Dads who call to listen to you on the phone. My dad is in a home, the girls at the home have been asked by me to dial my 1-800 number and pass him the phone after they return him to his room from meals.  This week he hasn’t said two words, I tell him about the weather, the kids, the garden and his response is “oh ya” not a word this week.

5. Do you have a suggestion for the next “Road Trip” beach combing vacation? We are blessed to be able to take a road trip for # of days. Leaving around October 17th this vacation will take us to Maine, visiting beaches along the East Coast down as far as Maryland, then I’d like to cross over to the West Coast visit some beaches there. Then drive up to Victoria Island and drive across Canada stopping in Ottawa to see our folks then onto home.  Can anyone make any beach suggestions?

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