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These days we have spent a lot of time sort of sitting around a fire and telling old stories about those days.  You know, the days when you had to walk 2 miles to school and it was all up hill, that was then.  It seems,  the older we get the more we find to complain about young people and  their, “have to have” habits. But seriously has anything changed all that much or are we just getting older? I mean, today kids are all walking around talking to sell phones and listing to MP3 players, difference is that the cell phones are much smaller and so is the music players we listen to, or have you forgotten about the days we walked around with a ghetto-blaster on our left shoulder in our left ear and we thought those were the days. 

I have always eaten my yogurt with a baby spoon, why? I’m not sure other than I’m a fast eater and eating with a baby spoon has slowed down my eating. But the spoon prompted a story this week as my daughter Jennifer had a wisdom tooth removed and has had a swollen soar mouth and has been eating with my baby spoon.  Today the grand-daughter’s were sitting around the table and wanted to know about the spoon. I started telling them  years ago I made all my kids babyfood but when Gerber came out with this free offer for “the Gerber” baby spoon I had to have one. It meant buying  a few jars of store bought baby food and sending in the labels. I told them often we got free stuff in cereal boxes we got puzzles, games, toys, army men, Tony the tiger & in flour bags we got one collector dish to start making a set, also in oatmeal also offered a set of dishes, inside Tetley tea boxes you got porcelain figurines, jello boxes came with a set of one of 200 cards to collect, and each time you stopped at the gas station you could collect dishes to get a set, or even at the IGA you could collect gold bond stamps and put them into a book and trade the book in for real china, that was then and this is now.  I went on to tell them, “your mom is 30 years old and she ate off this spoon when she was a baby and so did your Aunt Vicki and Uncle Matt and look your mom is still eating off of it now”. Ya, don’t get to liking it Jennifer because I’m taking it home with me.

The Free Gerber BAby Spoon

The Gerber Baby. I remember everyone wanted their baby to be the next Gerber baby.

That then prompted a baby set that Brian was feed with. This plate, cup and spoon looks like it is lead but is pewter I think, sure hope it isn’t lead.

A Vintage Train cup and plate set

Well another day sitting around waiting for the time to pass and Logan to be born, only 37 days to go.

Enjoy your week, Cindy


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I just love to sit with my coffee and take a look from my kitchen nook.

Have a look from the nook at the morning visitors I have that come by.

Another look from my nook displays some of my favourite dishes.

A visit to the local Value Village sent me home with a few favourites I’d love to share them with you.

I’ll use the tea cup tomorrow when the Women’s Institute of Winsloe has their Christmas Dinner here at Grandma’s Tea Room.

If you like I’ll take some pictures and show them to you on  Tuesday’s blog.

bye for now,



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