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Surprised! was the looks on our faces a little while back when we saw our Wisteria flower for the first time.  Not just one flower like last year but masses of flowers and blooms everywhere.  What did we do different? Well in the Spring last year we needed to replace the top of the Pergola and so we had to vigorously cut back the full top of the Wisteria.  Is that what made it stand up and take notice? Maybe!

Blooming Wisteria

2012 Wisteria in full bloom for the first time

Happy are those who get the first Strawberry of the garden

Yup, we have early strawberries

We have been picking strawberries in the garden now since June 15, this was the first berry.


For some reason these two go together nicely, ants and peonies

Ants and Peonies go together


Our pond is coming along nicely besides the Koi and Goldfish we have

water spiders


& a couple of frogs 

Pond of koi and goldfish

As well as the gardens being prepared we have had a number of  Tea Room guests

Tea room guests are daily

Opps back to the garden

This little guy stopped by for a visit

honey bees are busy

Hens and Chicks squeeze into a crack

hens and chicks squeeze in a crack

Wonderful to have fresh asparagus out of the garden fried with garlic and butter

The asparagus is sprouting

The asparagus is finished and all gone to seed looking ferny 

asparagus gone to seed

Last I’d like to share with you my crock pots

Garden and Barn Art

These are a wonderful addition on the side of the barn but a little hard to keep watered.  If you do plan on making croc pots be sure to plant your flowers in plastic bags inside the crocs so they will hold moisture, and remember to water more often.

Thank you for the lovely walk through my garden, I’m so glad you kept me company. I have a few new flower I’d like to plant and as I look into the sky I believe I may be running out of sun shine as the  day goes on.  

Take care,

Cindy ~00~

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What is a Croc? Hum! think of a piece of memory foam fitted to your feet, non breathable foam best describes them.  

Simple and less expensive are the Croc offs I’ve used for my Croc Pots

Garden and Barn Art

Small works of  labour I call “garden art” you have to love this sort of thing. More like eye and purse pleasing little sprinkles of fairy dust.  Speaking of pleasing, I have some good news…. The front gardens have been picked apart, weeded, discarded, sweat over and looking amazing.  

The French Gardener with my Dutch Butler

Makes me think of an officer and a gentlemen. I’m back on track, sorry.  I know, I’m in the garden taking pictures again. I wish I could remember the good excuse I had to avoid work this time, It’ll come to me when I don’t expect it.

Remember I mentioned I’d needed help this year in the gardens. The one on the left is my French Gardener, he takes this position often when in the garden, gets right into the dirt you could say. I don’t recall if I mentioned to you the amount of yelling I have done lately as the work is piling up and so another pair of hands was needed. These hands I might say are soft, yes he’s Dutch and doesn’t speak or wine like most, handy to have around. I’ll refer to him as my Dutch Butler and you’ll recognize him from now on.  He’s being prepped by my French Gardener on the way I like things in the garden and they work well together, only thing is he can give up the “yes, mam” all day long thing.  Enough! all this sweaty work is making my skin itch.

Quahog Shells

a path of cohogs

You’ll be surprised at what you find when you leave two men in the garden.  

I must run along, I have something to do.


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