This week is over, I can say I’m glad.  Although it has been the toughest in a long long time I’m thankful not only that it is over but for the next five things I’m blessed to be part of.

FFF # 13

1. The little ity bity things that make you laugh. Anna is a bit of a comic. She has new braids and insisted on putting them all in her hair everywhere we went today.

2. Waiting for time to pass. When I couldn’t reach my daughter Vicki on the phone I went to the house and found her on the floor beside little Anna’s crib. Anna had her binky (soother)  in her hand and was trying to give it to her mommy to make her feel better.  We rushed her to the hospital and I’m thankful to have Aubrey sit with me until she was out of the operating room. Vicki is in pain but she will be fine.

3. Making place mat mistakes. I make my own place  mats for Grandma’s Tea Room and have my scone recipe on it.  I was rushed and printed and  laminated 14 of them before I realized I made a mistake on all of them.  Yes, I redid them all. Leaving me with 14 laminated ones that people picked up and purchased in the gift shop for $1 back in May. This week I had a elderly lady come for tea, this is what happened.

Elderly lady, “You know this isn’t my first time here.”

Me, “It isn’t, well then a welcome back is in order.”

Elderly lady, “I came before and others got this here place mat.”

Me, “Yes, I had a bunch in the gift shop.

Elderly lady, “Do you know I’m 82?”

Me, “No, you sure don’t look it.”

Elderly lady, “Well there is a point to this. I’m 82 and your scones are the best I’ve ever had and I wanted one of those place mats so I could get the recipe off it, and they were all gone.”

She went home with a place mat.

4. Giant Cinnamon buns. Matthew is in the kitchen again. I came home and found 4 giant cinnamon buns across the counter. They were good but it took 6 people to eat one.

5. A thinking spot. When life throws a curve ball at you and you need to regroup it is nice to have a thinking spot.

Truly I have a lot to be grateful for this week.  We come together each week,  with Susanne  at Living To Tell The Story.

Sharing life’s moments, supporting one another, most importantly remembering to be thankful for life’s little moments be them large or small.

Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy reading your comments each and every one.



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