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Today I’m in the gift shop looking at my newly thrifted transferware



I wouldn’t have any use for these in the Tea Room without the cups



However, when I put them into the shop they become pieces of art. They aren’t antiques, ruins or treasures but will definitely look fabulous for what I have in mind.

Medallions for making antiqued looking  jewellery 



This is a new find we came across at an antique store awhile back.


This transferware is hand painted also rather large, but is a soup cup.



The print on the bottom



Romantic isn’t it? sitting under an orchard listening to your love playing you a sweet song on the violin. 


Do you know what inspired this purchase?  You know I”m about to tell you.  The French Gardener and I were out on one of our beachcombing expeditions.   I’m thinking it was Eastport Maine.  Anyway while beachcombing I looked up and saw garbage in the side of the embankment.  When I got a little closer I found this piece of china shard with the words “cuppe”  on it just laying looking up at me from the beach.



This is how pretty the back side looked



curiosity made us bring it home and look it up on the internet.  I don’t know how I managed all those early  years with just the volume of encyclopedia I had and no internet.  
Anyway, from this China Shard we were able to find what the cup looked like but we had no idea it was so large, or  that it was a soup cup.  Then when I spotted it at the antique shop it seemed only right I complete the treasure hunt with a purchase.

It is sitting in the gift shop like a trophy.

Well I’m calling it a shop day, I have lots of blue and white medallions to cut and sand the edges on. 

Have a wonderful weekend,



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 Welcome to my 12th Tea Time Tuesday. Celebrating a special day today as it is the first day of  few that I’ve felt well enough to step out. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to have a tea party.

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One day at a time has been ordered by the doctors, and for good reason after my 12 day hospital stay. This day I’ll take it remembering friends who stopped by and had tea. Join me in the journey along with Sandi our host of TEa Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage, you’ll be glad you did.

Its early morning and no one is awake yet. As I enter the kitchen I can hear tea cups clacking coming from the Tea Room. I approach, and hear nothing. Oh well it must be my imagination I say to myself, then remember its Tuesday June 5th the day I promised myself to return for tea.  

The place setting I’ve chosen

And The Tea Cup

The Pattern is Floral, I like it like that

With this Tea Pot and Cozy

Goes this Matching Tea Pot Tablecloth

I’ve picked out my Hat

I’ll need a Clutch with the Hat

I’ll need to pick the right Tea

I got that down packed

I found the Perfect Creamer for One

Anne of Green Gables will hold my hot Tea Pot just right

While I enjoy Tea for One in the Middle of the Night!

It is nice to see everyone again and join in for and early morning tea. This week has been the best out of 5. Positive thoughts and prayers have moved me along, I hold this dear as it has made me strong.

Cindy ~00~

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