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 We are just another B&B in Charlottetown however we are low in numbers this year compared to last year. It seems that tourism is down across the Island.  Some blame the prices of gas, the US dollar being low, while others blame the department of tourism for lack of advertisement. The weather can’t be a blamable factor as it has been the most wonderful weather in the past.  For the past 10 years we have kept pretty good stats on the tourism growth and what we report is that the  prices go up each year and the tourist number go down  by about 4%.  

It’s time to take a look in your own back pocket. Compare your accommodations to others in tourist areas at the same time of year. Perhaps we need to make PEI an affordable vacation destination and market that to the public. I know I had a look at my numbers and the first year we opened our doors for a tourist home  in Greenvale we offered rooms at $45 to $65 dollars. There is this web site called the way back machine, you can actually take a look at how you looked when you first made your web site. I followed the link and then had to advance to 2002 in-order to see the B&B added to the web site, here is the link to in those days.  Today 11 years later we have rooms at $55 to $70 dollars and that isn’t much of a price hike.  But we all have to help do our part to bring prices down so families can afford to stay at affordable accommodations and start traveling again. 

Talking with a colleague at another B&B she suggested I try out as they are well indexed, have great advertising for promoting the Island and she tells me she gets at the least one booking from them daily.  Let’s get started I said, however it will take a week to build the web page, take the 45 pictures, fill out forms and descriptions.  The forms are sent the pictures are taken I just need to down size them and email them off and by the end of next week we should be partners in business. I’ll have to come back and show you a link to the web page.  For now I’m struggling with bathroom pictures, I just feel a bathroom is private, small, and just doesn’t show in a picture how convenient it really is compared to the side of the road.

Here is my struggle

It just doesn’t do what I want for a picture

I don’t think backing up helped

The vessel sink area

 Then the throne. I didn’t include the seaglass or pictures on the wall, something should be left for the imagination, but it looks like… just a bathroom, nothing pretty, no frills, bells and whistles. Oh well it is what it is.

The rooms turned out pretty nice

Trailside East

Trailside West

Builtmore South

Builtmore North

Then just randoms of the rest of the house

Hats in the tea room

A rocking chair for Grandma and me

Table setting with a view of the pond and garden

Grandma’s Tea Room set for tea

Tea sniffing bar…

Randoms of sea glass in the Gift Shop

Scrapbooking items for Prince Edward Island

The Island Made Gift Shop

More sea glass on display

One sitting room

Second sitting room

Gardens and backyard

Raised beds

Pond with Koi and Goldfish

Side walk to another garden

Sitting bench at the pond

Side gardens and bird feeders

East side gardens

more of the side gardens

Another sitting spot

Blueberries around back

The rest area we provide off the Confederation Trail 

Thank you for taking the tour. It has been a challenge to arrange all these pictures and there are plenty more but I didn’t want to over due it.  Imagine they allow 45 pictures.  I’ll come back and post the link when it is complete. 

I was also asked about attractions in the area…. Started thinking about it, and really we aren’t far away from anything here on the Island but I wouldn’t say we are close to Cavendish being it is a 30 minute drive. I wouldn’t say close to the beach even though it is a 15 minute drive. I wouldn’t even think the centre of Charlottetown is close being 6km away.  So I added Grandma’s Tea Room as the closest attraction.  Do you have any attractions close to you in your area? If so what are they?

That’s it for now,




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 Welcome to my 12th Tea Time Tuesday. Celebrating a special day today as it is the first day of  few that I’ve felt well enough to step out. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to have a tea party.

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One day at a time has been ordered by the doctors, and for good reason after my 12 day hospital stay. This day I’ll take it remembering friends who stopped by and had tea. Join me in the journey along with Sandi our host of TEa Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage, you’ll be glad you did.

Its early morning and no one is awake yet. As I enter the kitchen I can hear tea cups clacking coming from the Tea Room. I approach, and hear nothing. Oh well it must be my imagination I say to myself, then remember its Tuesday June 5th the day I promised myself to return for tea.  

The place setting I’ve chosen

And The Tea Cup

The Pattern is Floral, I like it like that

With this Tea Pot and Cozy

Goes this Matching Tea Pot Tablecloth

I’ve picked out my Hat

I’ll need a Clutch with the Hat

I’ll need to pick the right Tea

I got that down packed

I found the Perfect Creamer for One

Anne of Green Gables will hold my hot Tea Pot just right

While I enjoy Tea for One in the Middle of the Night!

It is nice to see everyone again and join in for and early morning tea. This week has been the best out of 5. Positive thoughts and prayers have moved me along, I hold this dear as it has made me strong.

Cindy ~00~

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