Today is a “G” day

Busy, busy, busy I must be thinking of two special people in my life this morning.  Today is Thursday a “G” day.  For those of you who know me know that “G” days are spent; gardening, grocery shopping, grass cutting, and with grandchildren.

We changed the schedule a little and we are off to have spa pedicures done this morning.  It is raining so the grass won’t be cut or the garden weeded, groceries later and that leaves grandchildren.  I have pictures of all of them  in hats and I have been meaning to hang them around the tea room.  Today is the day I send the photos off to print and by next Thursday I’ll hang the children around.

I have a 4″ by 4″ photo card that I make and it is a folding card.

We decorate and make the cover with, ya, you guessed it “Anne of Green Gables”

Anne of Green Gables

Speaking of Anne of Green Gables, we got the opportunity with the help of a rather dashing gentlemen to attend the Confederation Theatre to see this Anne production last night.  It was truly a smashing hit, a number one in my scrapbook.  Oh, and we see Anne of Green Gables every year and each year I cry when Matthew dies, it never fails.  Thank you Barrie Wood for playing the part of Matthew and doing such a marvelous job.

Kindred Spirits,


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