Mellow Yellow Monday’s #2

Ok, where did Sunday go? On Sundays we get together for a family meal and I remember now.  I put on a roast beef, peeled some/ no, a lot of red potatoes that Fred and Vaunda gave us from Kentdale farms when we visited them on Farm day. I also went out to our garden and dug some rather long carrots and cleaned and cut them up and cooked them.

Oh and I made my mustard pickles.

I wanted to make a Yorkshire pudding but ran out of eggs, imagine that.  We decided to go with the nice roast I seared in cracked pepper then roasted in the oven along with carrots and potatoes.  Then, Victoria phoned (daughter) and said she would be here to pick up Anastasia (my grand-daughter) and that her and Aubrey (her boyfriend) would be running to the grocery store and heading home.  Matthew (son) and Tabitha (his girlfriend) never came over, never called.  So I set the table for two and we had a quiet large sliced roast beef dinner and then watched a little tv.

Mustard Pickles Recipe…coming soon!

Then Matthew called early this morning and told me he was off work today and got me to thinking.  What is when I said, “what it’s Monday?”  So that is why I’m so late blogging and haven’t visited anyone today yet.

Monday’s you gota love em.



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