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Sun Dec 4, 2016

A Short trip to Ottawa had me a visit with my dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

While away I got a wee pair of moccasins finished beading the toe


These are newborn crib soft deer hide with sheep wool lining.

I recently created an Etsy shop named Made By Grandma’s Hands

where I list my favourite items.

My brother asked me to make him a pair of Mukluks, I think I’ll need longer days to make warmer items.

Take care, Cindy

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Mon Nov 28, 2016

The first snow came last night.  I woke up to a blanket of snow that covered up all the leaves and weeds I still hadn’t finished gardening.  I went out for a short walk about to see what else I forgot in my fall cleanup.  There were small animal tracks all over the yard.   I wondered if they were dog, cat or fox.  When I got inside, I saw my buddy in the garden hunting for mice.

red fox in the snow

Fox hunting in the snow

I love all animals, so I did not know who to cheer for.  Every time his snout went into the snow I was hoping he would not come out with a mouse.  On the other hand, I am not to fond of having the mice move into my house for the winter.  I have heard that on PEI, the mice have been particularly bothersome this fall.

I love the first snow.  The kids get excited and want to build snowmen.  Everything looks so pretty with that little wet snow clinging to the branches.  I have heard the first snow ploughs going down the road, but I have yet to hear the first snowmobiles running on the trail beside the house.  That will come soon enough and it will really be winter.

Some people complain on long cold winters. I look at them as a time to relax from a busy summer.  We also take some time to make our business plans for next year.  We make a few changes to our Bed and Breakfast, make a few renovations, and look for ways to make our guests stay more enjoyable.

Also in the winter I have more time to blog.  So check back soon to see what I have been up to.




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