This is Ralph, my brother.

He is down from Ottawa, visiting, and doing my roof.

Remember I have a French Gardener, well he has shown my brother the world of Geocaching. My brother has a geo name for himself it is Ruf-is      ATTENTION!!!       CORRECTION!!!     CORRECTION!!!    He doesn’t call himself Ruf-is, my mistake it is Russel, boy did I hear about this one. What is in a name anyway?

One side of the roof-is done the other side needs to get done.  Once the roof-is off then the new roof-is going on, I just need to motivate Ruf-is a bit, I mean Russel.

Last night we sat and watched the movie “Due Date.”  Ethan Tromblay is a character in this movie and he does everything possible to make sure he has company on a trip to LA.

The bin was moved to the West side of the house

All my flowers in a 12′ x 12′ area are smashed, I’m thinking of a few people who would love to have these.

My front yard is a mess from the truck tires.

The entrance to my front door, can you see the door bell and my frustration.

I was just outside for a minute taking these last few pic’s and guess what? Its raining. Oh well we might have to find something else to do today, like scrapbook. Ta Ta Till the roof comes off.

This is Outdoor Wednesday #4, follow the link and see what others have posted for their outdoor Wednesday.

xo, cindy

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