Outdoor Wednesdays #1

A good sunset is part of my perfect day.

In Autumn the skies can sing as the sun goes down in Prince Edward Island.

This photo was taken a couple of Thursdays ago on a ride home from the beaches in the East Point of the Island.

This silhouetted  of a 1.5 story home is in a farming community with empty hay fields and round bails among it.

Many homes on Prince Edward Island are a one and a half story home built in the late 1800 early 1900 and was a traditional style home. The 1.5 story homes were built to save on heating, as a small stove would be placed on the first story in the middle and the second story would be easy to heat because heat rises.

I have an old country farm house that is in Greenvale PEI and it is a 1.5 story and it has very high peaks on the roof for attic space.

I think homes built back in those days were very structure sound.

This has been my Outdoor Wednesday for this week.

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