Today October 28th, Thursday Day 10.  Being on the road I’m not able to track my exact day.

Not to self-stay on track and spend more time catching up.


If you are following along you must know we have spent 10 nights on the road living out of the retroverted camper and eating off the back of the tailgate of the truck.  As luck would have it the day is sunny, and the hunt is on.

We start the morning in Minot Beach area of Boston Harbor, a plane flies over and I think I feel the ground move under my feet.

Traffic traffic traffic, saw my first commuter train today, ya that was interesting and I found a spot 1 hour out of Boston and it had traffic signals for am traffic only, seems to me this must be a park and ride into downtown Boston.  I have to wonder how a 2 hour ride to work and a 2 hour ride home makes for one of those perfect days.  I’m not sure about this but as I am getting older I”m feeling like my time is $ and 4 hours a day is a lot to take out of ones day.

Another first is a set of street lights almost at the bottom of a bridge.  Oh and one more this one is frugal, men working on the road and the sign man stands in front of our truck with the stop sign facing us. Then he crosses the street and signals us to go while he turns the stop sign towards oncoming traffic.  The construction was about 750 feet apart from car to car.  Not safe at all.

Jump the 228 onto Mantasket Beach. Oh wow, did someone spill a truck of sea glass on the beach just before we got there.  It was like a colourful Easter morning on a hunt for glass bliss.  We spent 3 hours here and got 2 cups of quality glass.  All in all we saw about 50 beach combers and we played a beach game, please read on if you have a sense of humor…  Ok, we have been skunked two days in a row not finding any sea glass and sometimes it can be frustrating, I mean we cover a lot of ground.  Anyway we turned our frustrations into a Beach Game and called it“jackelope Bait.” Lucky for me, you asked how is it played?  You have a pocket full of Jackelope Bait (shards of unwanted sea glass that isn’t good quality) and when you see a Beach Comber coming toward you, you simply bend down and drop a handful of shards and then walk off.  Here comes the fun, because the Jackelope never crosses over a bunch of sea glass so he stops dead in his/her path and ever so humble bends down and takes the bait.  Meanwhile we watch from a short distance as the Jacelope stands up and tosses the handful back to the ground, then we run over and pick it back up. Yes it is good for something because with all these beach combers we run out of Jackelope bait fast.  We had to stop because our ribs were aching with laughter.

Later that afternoon we took an adventure tried to access a route onto Moon Island because we read interesting findings of this spot however, if we tried to run the armed guards at the gate we may not be going on any further-they turned us back.  It is a very rich Island with a guard controlling visitors and we weren’t on the guest list for this party.

Click the picture to enlarge (Jennifer)

This is Day 10 adventure onto Day 11 and it is a big day believe me, anyone who gets lost downtown Boston for 4.5 hours trying to get out has a lot of pictures….



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